A downloadable Descending

ive started a discord if anyone wants to join and ask questions https://discord.gg/h3D96AM

Its been 6 years since the fog rolled in, and with it brought a bunch of creatures that will tear you apart for food. Many months after they came we realised they are blind and hunt by sound, so you will have to be very cautious when moving through towns and city's to not alert them.

Descending is an exploration survival game in which you go around the large open world finding supplies to keep alive and survive the nights.

This is an early alpha build so do NOT buy if you want a bug free game, all who purchase on here will receive a steam key when i release it on steam.

In the current build there is a huge area of the first island to explore including a city, housing estates,  motels and more. Building is implemented in the build so you can build bases BUT there is no storage yet except what you carry in your bag, ill be releasing a patch soon where ill add a few camps that have storage boxes in them.

i'm constantly working on this project every day and aim to roll out updates every weekend or so with new areas for the map to explore as well are fine tuning and adding features.

Development log